Registrars Office Updates and Links

On form description/download pages that include submission instructions referencing in-person delivery/pickup, this statement has been added:


In compliance with COVID-19-related safer-at-home orders, Registrar forms cannot be accepted in person at this time. If the service is not available online, send the form by e-mail instead. Contact Registrar’s Office units by e-mail or through the MyUCLA Message Center with questions.


The Registrar’s Office link will go to the Contacts/Hours page, so that the person can select the appropriate RO unit.

The Message Center link will take the constituent to the appropriate Message Center topic to ensure that the document submission or question is directed to the correct staff queue.


Where pickup instructions appear, “, and documents cannot be picked up,” is added in front of in person. The statement is placed as close as possible to the Submission heading/text on each page. While there may be more instances, the pages updated are:


  1. Cancel registration — Cancellation of Registration


  1. Enrollment petition


  1. Legal name change — Legal Name Change or Correction


  1. Order a Verification Transcript — Transcript order, Special verification


  1. UC intercampus visitor program — application


  1. Undergraduate readmission — application


  1. Classification as a Resident — residence petition


  1. Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Exemptions — AB540 Exemption, SLR


  1. Statement of Legal Residence


  1. Order an Academic Transcript — Transcript Order


  1. Authorize an Agent — Agent authorization


  1. Declare Candidacy — Declaration of Candidacy/Graduate In Absentia


  1. Diploma Release — Diploma Mail Request


  1. Transcript Availability — Early Certificate of Completion Request, Special Degree Services Request


  1. Replacement Diploma — Replacement Diploma Request, Legal Name Change or Correction


  1. Student Record Inspection Request