Undergraduate FAQ

How do I declare Pre-Political Science?

  • Students admitted as Freshmen may switch into the pre major as long as there is a feasible plan to complete the degree in a timely fashion
  • Students admitted as Transfers to another major may only declare the Pre-Political Science major if they’ve fulfilled the following requirements
  1. Completion of at least three preparatory courses by the spring before transfer
  2. A 3.7 minimum GPA in all UC transferable courses that will be used for the major including lower and upper division courses
  3. A 3.7 minimum GPA in UC transferable courses
  4. Completion of all remaining preparatory requirements with a UC GPA of at least 3.3

How do I switch from Pre-Political Science to the Political Science major?

  • Qualification: Completion of the 5 pre-requisite courses or enrolled in the last pre-requisite course/s

○     4 introductory courses and Statistics course

  • Declaring: Google Doc, in person meeting, email

○     Google doc: Doc can be found here and will be sent out to undergraduate listserv periodically throughout the quarter

○     In person meeting: meet with Agustin Arredondo or Alex Luong

○     MyUCLA Message Center – Declaring Major: Political Science

How do I declare a concentration?

  • Concentration can be declared through google doc or in person with Agustin Arredondo or Alex Luong
  • The concentration can be updated or switched from the initial concentration declared
  • The 6 concentrations are the following: 1. Political Theory 2. International Relations       3. American Politics 4. Comparative Politics 5. Methods and Models 6. Race, Ethnicity and Politics

How do I enroll in Upper Division Political Science courses?

  • Only students who have completed the prep courses and have been updated to Political Science will have the ability to enroll into Upper Division Political Science classes during their first enrollment pass

○     Restrictions to upper division classes are lifted during students second enrollment pass and any student can enroll into an UD Political Science course–this includes Pre-Political Science students

How can I double Major with Political Science?

  • Qualifications

○     First: must be eligible to be admitted to major–see qualifications in declaring Pre-Political Science

○     Second:  Completion of all Lower Division Classes and 2 upper division classes for both majors

○     Third:  Pick up double major petition forms from your college counseling units (College Academic Counseling, Academic Advancement Program, Honors, Athletics)


Can I get credit for courses outside the department?

  • Guidelines for course substitutions
  • UC Center Sacramento participants enroll through UC Davis for 10 units of graded credit and 5 units of pass/no pass credit. Two 4 unit graded courses apply to the political science major
  • CAPPP (Center for American Politics and Public Policy), UCLA’s quarter in Washington D.C. program, requires an 8 unit course equivalent to two courses towards the major. The credit for the internship is mandatory pass/no pass. CAPPP is offered through the political science department and is considered in residence.
  • Internships: you can enroll in Political Science 195CE through the Center for Community Learning in A265 Murphy Hall. Pol Sci 195CE will count as an Upper Division Elective for the major

How do I access my Degree Audit Report?

  • Login to MyUCLA and click the Academics tab at the top of the page, then select Degree Progress/ Audit Report.

○     Run audit with current program or run audit with a model program

How do I check my enrollment appointment times?

  • Login to MyUCLA and click the Classes tab at the top of the page, select enrollment appointments link underneath the plan and enroll menu

Major course articulation from Community Colleges to UCLA

  • ASSIST.org – has all California community colleges and major course articulation for UCLA

○     Select agreements by major NOT by department on ASSIST