Political Science Undergraduate Journal: Demos

As an annual publication of collaborative efforts between undergraduate students at UCLA and the larger undergraduate community, Demos is dedicated to showcasing academic excellence of undergraduate students’ in political science research. As an organization made by UCLA undergraduates, Demos is dedicated to serving the undergraduate community and beyond by giving students a chance to publish their work, gain writing and publishing experience, and put a spotlight on valuable research. We encourage undergraduates of any major to participate in Demos. Demos does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic group, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or any other status.


Demos: UCLA Political Science Undergraduate Journal 2020-2021

UCLA Political Science Undergraduate Journal DEMOS 2020-2021.pdf


FAQ: Submit or Get Involved with the Journal

Essay submission
We are currently not accepting submissions for the 2020-2021 cycle.

What requirements apply to submissions?
Your paper must contain original arguments or analyses. We do not accept book reviews or opinion essays on current and topical events. Your submission cannot contain material that has already been published elsewhere (without appropriate citation or acknowledgment). Your research paper must also comply with the substantive, stylistic, formatting, and anonymity requirements described: All papers should be no more than 6,000 words but no less than 2,500 words, and should include a cover page as a separate word document with your full name, email address, affiliation (college, major, and year), the title of your paper, and a short abstract. The paper itself should contain no identifying information whatsoever. All submissions should relate to the discipline of political science

Who can submit?
We will accept submissions from any undergraduate student regardless of the college, major, or minor.

Where do I submit?
Please submit all submissions here. Both attachments should be emailed in the same message with the names of both the email and the documents themselves chosen appropriately, and the subject line should be 2021 Journal Submission – Full Name.

Working on the Journal
We are currently not accepting applications for the 2020-2021 cycle.

What ways are there to help out?
The administrative side of the journal is divided into two parts: a) the Selection stage and b) the Editorial Review stage. As part of (a), readers will help during the selection process by reviewing submissions according to a provided rubric. (b), editors will work with the selected authors to prepare and polish submissions for publication. All editors and reviewers will be credited in the print and electronic versions of the journal.

How do I apply?
Please send an email here while providing the following information and answering the following questions.

  1. Full Name
  2. Year at UCLA
  3. Major(s)/Minor(s)
  4. Political Science Courses Taken
  5. What is your availability like?
  6. What, in your opinion, makes for a good political science paper?
  7. A writing sample written for a political science course. While any length is acceptable it should be sufficient to offer an accurate representation of your writing skill.

2020 – 2021 Members

Co-Chief Editors:

Joshua Doland joshuadoland@g.ucla.edu
Leika Keys leika@g.ucla.edu


Marcelo Angulo
Elaine Chen
Michael Gallegos
Noreen Jamil
Natalie Jiang
Jackson Kuramoto
Thomas Liu
Dzelila Maslesa
Tamara Nogueira

Resources and Links

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