Declaring the Major

There are three options to declare the major.

  1. Google Form: Form can be found here. Please allow 3 to 5 days for processing petitions submitted through Google doc. To verify the major update is completed please run a new audit on the Degree Audit Report System on MyUCLA
  2. MyUCLA Message Center – Declaring Major: Political Science
  3. In person at the undergraduate office or by email to the undergraduate political science counselors.

You are eligible to update your major from pre-political science to political science if you have completed all lower division pre-requisite requirements for the major or in the term you are enrolled in the last lower division preparation course (This means that only one preparation can be in progress). If the major is updated in the current term and the 5 courses aren’t completed at the end of the term, then a counselor will return the major to pre-political science. Early updates are offered once and if the preparation courses are completed in a later term students are eligible to update from pre-political science to political science when grades are posted for all 5 lower division courses.

Students admitted to UCLA as freshmen may declare pre-political science or political science before reaching 150 units directly through the department using one of the options to declare the major. Consult College of Letters and Science Academic Counseling if declaring at 135 units or over.

Students who transferred to UCLA into another major require a petition to add or change to the political science major.


Double Majoring

If you are already declared in another major and you are looking to pursue a double major, do not submit the major declaration google form. Please follow the instructions on this webpage to start the double major petition process. This process only applies to those who are already declared in another major.