Master’s ATC and Master’s Degree (Form and Instructions)

Once grads have taken all their PhD coursework, passed their field exam, and field paper, they are eligible to obtain their Master’s degree.  The Master’s degree process at UCLA is two steps: submit your Master’s ATC paperwork and then receive your degree at the end of the quarter.  Students who submit their Master’s ATC form but do not satisfy the requirements will not receive their MA degree in the same term.

The minimum requirement to satisfy the MA degree is listed here:  By the end of your third year, most (if not all) grads have satisfied the MA degree requirements.  MA degrees can help you when applying to positions (higher pay grades) and/or on scholarship applications.  Obtaining a Master’s is not required in our program, but it is an option for those who want to receive one.

If you would like to receive a retroactive Political Science MA degree, please do the following:

  1. Fill out this petition form, sign and return it to me. (EMAIL IS FINE)
  2. List the 12 courses you would like to count towards the MA degree.  They must be courses numbering 100 and above AND be for a letter grade.  You cannot “double-dip” the course with any other Master’s degree on campus (i.e. Stats).

Filling out the form:

  • For the Master’s, we are a capstone program (not thesis).
  • There is no foreign language requirement for the MA degree.
  • If you already have an MA degree in Political Science you are not eligible to receive a second MA degree in the same subject.  The only exception is if the topics/degrees were completely different.
  • Please submit a copy of your transcript with the MA form.  Label each document with your full name.