Helpful Links

  • Previously, the UC residency guidelines state that being absent for more than six weeks in a one-year period disqualify a student from in-state status.  UC Provost Michael T. Brown has announced that students who temporarily leave California in response to the pandemic remain eligible for in-state residency for the 2020-21 academic year so long as they meet all other applicable eligibility requirements.  See Provost Brown’s letter (enclosed) for more details.
  • Students who are experiencing financial hardship (for example, losing their jobs) because of Covid-19 should get in touch with UCLA Economic Crisis Response.
  • Keep receipts of all Covid-19 expenditures (webcams, computers, emergency travel expenses, etc.) in case reimbursement is possible later (for example, if the UC receives federal or state emergency aid).
  • It is likely that time to degree requirements will be modified and made more flexible.
  • The requirement that only one faculty member can attend a thesis defense remotely has been lifted.
  • If you are concerned about access to a scanner, you can use the CamScanner app to scan documents into a pdf file.
  • SSC lab facilities are remaining open and staffed for people to use computers, come in and record lectures, etc.
  • Undergraduates can apply for an emergency grant to help buy computers and wi-fi hot spots.