Political Science 2021 Virtual Commencement

The Department of Political Science is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Virtual Commencement Event for the Class of 2021. Please keep in mind that this is a completely separate event from the commencement being hosted by the College of Letters and Sciences. You can participate in both events if you’d like. See more details on the College of Letters and Sciences 2021 Commencement here: https://www.commencement.ucla.edu/

On June 13th, we will premier a special video commemorating the Class of 2021 and release a large slide deck where every graduate will have their own slide with their photo, name, concentration, and quote (if needed).

Please join us in this event by submitting the following Google Form.By submitting this Google Form, you are agreeing that we use your name and photo(if you submit one) for our virtual commencement event. If you have any concerns regarding this, please let us know:

Every graduating senior is required to fill out the following informational Google form:



The following forms are optional:





Student performer: