2 Mondays = 2 UCLA Alumni Talks; Masket and Enos Return

Mid-May means mini-homecomings for the presenters at upcoming American Politics Workshops sponsored by the Political Science Department as two UCLA Ph.D.s “return-to-the-scene” with updates.   Profs. Seth Masket (2004; now at University of Denver) and Ryan Enos (2010; at Harvard University) will deliver back-to-back Monday afternoon departmental workshops.

Prof. Masket presents at noon on May 11, discussing how individual U.S. states fill vacancies in their state houses (more details, here. Prof. Enos will speak beginning at 3 p.m. the following Monday (May 18). His recent work has included researching the intersection of place and politics, and how larger campaigns affect voter turnout. More info will be posted, soon, here.

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