Summer PoliSci Features Environment, Violence, China . . .

Political Science Department Summer Session course lists are out now for 2015 combining essential degree requirements with timely, topical alternatives.  Introductory courses in Political Theory, data analysis for research within the discipline, as well as overviews of world, American, and comparative subfields are available for both sessions. Session A will also include studies of political violence (including terrorism), the foreign relations programs  of the U.S. and China, and electoral voting behavior.

Later, Summer Session C will offer classes in the political aspects of our global environment, as well as economic development in Latin America, and Middle East government.  Session A begins June 22; Session C on August 3.  Registration is now open for undergraduates or workingprofessionals, as well as high school students (15-years and older).

A full list of available classes for lower and upper division  study is available, here.