UCLA Lecturer Predicted Outcome of Paris Manhunt

The day after the mass slaughter at a Paris satirical magazine last week — while a manhunt continued for the two shooters — Visiting Political Science lecturer Jeffrey Simon told a radio interviewer at KNX News Radio in Los Angeles that those responsible “will not be captured, but will be killed in a final confrontation with the authorities.” The next day, two brothers — which Prof. Simon still categorized as “lone wolf” terrorists died at the hands of French police in evening standoff.  Author of the 2013 work “Lone Wolf Terrorism” (Prometheus Books), which examines an increase in the number of incidences of terror coming from individuals and small groups who primarily act alone, Prof. Simon also operates a security and terrorism research consultancy.

At UCLA, he most recently taught Political Science 150 “Political Violence” this past summer.

To listen to his interview, click here.