Political Science IS Hiring; Recruitment Talks Continue

From the Department Chair’s recent e-newsletter we learn that, following this year’s addition of three new professors, Political Science faculty recruitment continues for two tenure-track positions (one in Comparative Politics; one a joint appointment with the Dept. of Statistics) and is ramping up for a third — a replacement to fill the Marvin Hoffenberg Endowed Chair in American Politics and Public Policy.  Multiple candidates have visited and continue to, with recruitment talks for the two openings scheduled now through mid-December.  For times and dates, see the Recruitment page, here, where you may also access (with UCLA ID) links to watch these talks as they happen (at “Watch Live Video”) and/or view them at a later time (at “Recorded Talks”).

Another joint search — with the Department of Communications Studies — is also ongoing.  New hires for 2015-16 will be announced here as details are available as well as on the Political Science Facebook page, here.