UPDATE: Prof. Rogers Interviewed on “Ferguson” Journal Issue

[Note: Prof. Melvin Rogers was interviewed in a podcast about the special “Ferguson” issue of “Theory & Event” by Johns Hopkins Press. Listen here.]

In real-time — as a grand jury in Missouri hears final witnesses on whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, news media report that the town of Ferguson is bracing for possible reactions there, and Missouri’s governor calls up the National Guard.  In a timely, special journal issue just out of  “Theory & Event,” scholars accustomed to feeling the pulse of those most directly affected are offering nine distinct views of why (among many questions being asked), some lives are still so “disposable.”

Collectively, the journal has published online the reactions and remonstrances of invited authors for an issue covering a range of fields — including scholars of African American studies, political science, philosophy, religious studies, and art history. The journal issue’s guest editor, UCLA Political Science Prof. Melvin Rogers (shown), acted quickly to compile the work of the nine contributors while the events of this past August 9 were still fresh, in part because “the moment demands that we think deeply and across intellectual fields to grapple with this gruesome event.”

There is currently open access to this special issue of “Theory & Event.” All articles may now be read online, here.