Agustin Arredondo

Undergraduate / Graduate Counselor


Agustin is the department’s Undergrad/Grad Advisor: Agustin counsels graduate and undergraduate students on University and departmental requirements for the undergraduate degree and the Ph.D. He assists in graduate recruitment, admissions, orientation and placement. He is responsible for course scheduling, online book ordering and A/V needs for classes. If you have a question related to undergraduate matters, please send a message through MyUCLA Message Center.

Please submit your inquiries through the MyUCLA Message Center feature:

  1. Go to MyUCLA ( Select the “Sign in” button.
  2. You will be redirected to the UCLA Single Sign-on page to sign in to MyUCLA.
  3. After a successful sign-in, select “Need Help?” from the top menu. Then, select “Message Center” from drop down menu.