Barry O’Neill

Barry O' Neil

Barry O’Neill

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Office: 4242 Bunche Hall


Phone: (310) 825-4331

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Professor O’Neill studies decision-making in social and political contexts.
His work applies game theory to study foreign policy decisions, with a view to preventing war. He is currently studying the governance of international organizations, and examining the role of national prestige as a motive for countries seeking weapons of mass destruction. He is the author of Honor, Symbols, and War (University of Michigan Press, 1999), which won the 2000 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award for the best book published on government, politics, or international affairs. He is also working on the foundations of game theory, seeking extensions that will allow wider applications in political settings. He is currently preparing a manuscript on longstanding myths about public policy. Recently, he has been a Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. He has taught courses on game theory and negotiation at Stanford’s Political Science department, Yale University, York University in Toronto, Northwestern University’s Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences Department, and in the Psychology Department of Queens University, Kingston.


University of Michigan (Mathematical Psychology), 1976