Ziyaad Bhorat

Ziyaad Bhorat

Current Student

Office: Bunche Hall

Email: ziyaadbhorat@g.ucla.edu


MA., Political Science, UCLA, 2019

MBA., University of Oxford, 2014

MSc., African Studies, University of Oxford, 2013

B.Bus.Sci., Law and Economics, University of Cape Town, 2011


My research examines the foundations of a pre-industrial political theory of automation and the idea of intelligent artifice in classical Greek thought, focusing on Aristotle and the thinkers that have interpreted him in the medieval to early modern period.

Selected Publications

Ziyaad Bhorat, “Automata in Hobbes: Three Heads of Cerberus”, History of Political Thought, 42, no. 3: 2021, 441–463

Ziyaad Bhorat, “Automation, Slavery, and Work in Aristotle’s Politics Book I”, Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek and Roman Political Thought, Forthcoming.


Giulia Sissa (supervisor and chair)

Anthony Pagden

Joshua Foa Dienstag

Davide Panagia