Chao-Yo Cheng

Chao-Yo Cheng

Current Student



BA, Journalism and Political Science, National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan), 2008 MA, Political Science, Columbia University, 2011


Comparative Politics; Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; Formal Theory & Quantitative Methods (Machine Learning; Social Network Analysis; Causal Inference)
Authoritarianism, Institutions, Ethnic Politics, and Political Economy of Development

Selected Publications

Poverty Alleviation and Development in Xinjiang: Guest Editor’s Introduction, Chinese Law & Government 44 (November-December 2012): 3-9. Party Newspapers’ Layouts and Elite Interaction: People’s Daily and PLA Daily as Examples, Chinese Political Science Review 42 (December 2006): 37-78 (TSSCI) (with Professor Chien-wen Kou, National Chengchi University, in Chinese).

Honors & Awards

2012-2013, Harvard-Yenching Library Travel Grant, Harvard University 2012-2014, Fulbright Graduate Study Grant, Foundation of Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) 2012-2014, Government Scholarship for Study Abroad, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Michael Thies (chair), Barbara Geddes, Chad Hazlett, Daniel Treisman, and Susan Shirk (UCSD)