Bianca Vicuña

Bianca Vicuña

Current Student



MA in Political Science (UCLA, 2021) BSA in Neuroscience, Honors (UT Austin, 2018) BA in Iberian and Latin American Languages and Cultures (UT Austin, 2018)


Political Psychology, Social Identities, Intergroup Relations, Race and Ethnic Politics, Gender Politics

Selected Publications

Vicuña, Bianca V., and Efrén O. Pérez. 2021. “New Label, Different Identity? Three Experiments on the Uniqueness of Latinx.” Politics, Groups, and Identities. Pérez, Efrén, Crystal Robertson, and Bianca V. Vicuña. 2022. “Prejudiced When Climbing Up or When Falling Down? Why Some People of Color Express Anti-Black Racism.” Accepted in American Political Science Review. Pérez, Efrén O., Bianca V. Vicuña, Alisson Ramos, Kevin Phan, Mariella Solano, and Eric Tillet. 2022. “Bridging the Gaps Between Us: Explaining When and Why People of Color Express Shared Political Views.” Accepted in Political Behavior.

Honors & Awards

UCLA Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (2018, 2022) Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Honorable Mention (2022) Hoffenberg Research Fellowship (2020, 2021) Dean’s Fund for the Study of Diversity and Racial Inequality (2021) UCLA Graduate Research Fellowship (2019) APSA Minority Fellow (2019) Women of Color in Political Science (WCPS) Travel Grant (2019) Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention (2019) UCLA Political Psychology Fellowship (2018) UCLA Political Science Fellowship (2018)


Dr. Efrén Pérez (Chair, UCLA Political Science and Psychology) Dr. Yuen Huo (UCLA Psychology) Dr. Tiffany Brannon (UCLA Psychology) Dr. Jennifer Merolla (UC Riverside Political Science)