Ashley Blum

Ashley Blum

Current Student

Office: 3360 Bunche Hall



BA Government, Dartmouth College (2013)


Comparative politics, political psychology, Russian politics, quantitative methods
My research interests are in comparative politics and political psychology. I am interested in the role of elite messaging in shaping how people think about politics. I am primarily interested in Russia and other post-Soviet states. My dissertation examines the media in Russia. I ask why people choose the media sources they do and what are the consequences of media consumption for people’s political attitudes and behaviors.

Honors & Awards

Carnegie-Harriman research grant (2019)

Graduate Research Mentorship (2018-2019)

Center for European and Russian Studies pre-dissertation fellowship (2018)

UCLA political psychology fellowship (2017)

Graduate Summer Research Mentorship (2016, 2017)

Society for Political Methodology annual meeting (2018) (poster session)

Working Group in African Political Economy annual meeting (2018)


Daniel Treisman (chair), David Sears, Daniel Posner, Chad Hazlett