Graduate Students

Shawn Patterson

Contact Information

Office  Not Available


Ph.D. Political Science (expected 2017); M.A. Political Science (2014) -- UCLA

B.A. Political Science (2012) -- Brown University 

Fields of Study

American Politics, Political Methodology


I study american politics and political methodology. My interests focus on political parties, and more specifically the emergence and incorporation of interest groups into particular political parties. My dissertation focuses on measuring the relative influence of individual interest groups within each party, how those relationships have changed over time, and the role that these groups play in political polarization. Methodologically, I am interested in social networks, with a focus on sub-graph community detection in large, sparse networks. 

Grants and Awards

The Dirksen Center Congressional Research Grant, 2016.

Graduate Research Mentorship, UCLA Graduate Division, 2014-2015. 

Graduate Dean’s Scholar Award, UCLA Grduate Division, 2012-2014.

Marvin Hoffenberg Fellowship, UCLA Political Science, 2012-2014.


Kathleen Bawn (Chair), Seth Masket, Lynn Vavreck, and John Zaller