Graduate Students

Chao-Yo Cheng

Contact Information

Office  Not Available


BA, Journalism and Political Science, National Chengchi University (Taipei, Taiwan), 2008 MA, Political Science, Columbia University, 2011

Fields of Study

Comparative Politics; Race, Ethnicity, and Politics; Formal Theory & Quantitative Methods (Machine Learning; Social Network Analysis; Causal Inference)


Authoritarianism, Institutions, Ethnic Politics, and Political Economy of Development

Grants and Awards

2012-2013, Harvard-Yenching Library Travel Grant, Harvard University 2012-2014, Fulbright Graduate Study Grant, Foundation of Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) 2012-2014, Government Scholarship for Study Abroad, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)


Michael Thies (chair), Barbara Geddes, Chad Hazlett, Daniel Treisman, and Susan Shirk (UCSD)


Poverty Alleviation and Development in Xinjiang: Guest Editor's Introduction, Chinese Law & Government 44 (November-December 2012): 3-9. Party Newspapers' Layouts and Elite Interaction: People's Daily and PLA Daily as Examples, Chinese Political Science Review 42 (December 2006): 37-78 (TSSCI) (with Professor Chien-wen Kou, National Chengchi University, in Chinese).