Graduate Students

Travis Baker

Contact Information

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B.A., summa cum laude, University of Florida 2011; I expect to receive my Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA in 2017.

Fields of Study

American Political Institutions, Separation of Powers, Gridlock & Polarization

Grants and Awards

Graduate Research Mentorship: 2012-2013 Graduate Summer Research Mentorship: 2012, 2013


Chris Tausanovitch, Tom Schwartz, Jeff Lewis, and Tim Groeling.


Baker, Travis J. 2016. "Delayed Gratification: Party Competition for White House Control in the U.S. House of Representatives." Political Research Quarterly 69: 457-468.

Baker, Travis J., and Thomas Schwartz. 2016. "Interbranch Cooperation and the Shadow of the Future." Constitutional Political Economy 27: 319-331.

Baker, Travis J., and David M. Hedge. 2013. "Term Limits and Legislative-Executive Conflict in the American States." Legislative Studies Quarterly 38: 237-258.