Graduate Students

George Derpanopoulos

Contact Information

Office  Not Available


MS Statistics, UCLA (expected 2017); MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge (2011); BSc Economics and Politics, University of Bristol (2010)

Fields of Study

Comparative Politics, Political Methodology


I study comparative politics and political methodology. In the former subfield, my research interest revolve around authoritarian politics, particularly the determinants of regime stability, leader turnover, and coups. In my dissertation, I use a network approach to model authoritarian regimes, and test the implications of my theory using originally collected cross-national data. In political methodology, I am interested in network analysis and machine learning, with a focus on network games and regularization, respectively.


Barbara Geddes


Derpanopoulos, G., Frantz, E., Geddes, B. and Wright, J. Are coups good for democracy? Research and Politics, 3(1).